CTN France certified by QuickBooks

As a business manager, have you started your digital transition? QuickBooks and CTN France are going the extra mile to lighten the administrative load and give you greater independence in managing your business.

Published on 10/12/2019 at 9:45 am by CTN France

CTN France understands your need to manage your business in real time and to make a successful digital transition. We offer various tailor-made solutions, including QuickBooks.

This online management and accounting tool is particularly intuitive and suitable for small and medium-sized businesses. With your mobile phone, take a photo of your purchase invoices or expense reports and they are automatically translated into accounting records. QuickBooks also provides invaluable support for managing your business: creating quotes and standardised invoices, cash flow management, dashboards, etc

In line with its innovation strategy, CTN France is one of the eight companies in the region that have been certified by QuickBooks over the last few several years. We support you in implementing and using the solution.

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