Intitial formalities before hiring an employee in France

A foreign company without a permanent set-up in France that hires employees to work in France is subject to the French Social Security system.

Published on 02/01/2020 at 2:37 pm by CTN France

Registering the Company in France

First, the company must be registered with INSEE (French National Institute for Statistics and Economic Research) to obtain a SIRET number in order to be recognised in France.
Please note: recruitments can only begin after obtaining this SIRET number, which takes one month!

Defining the written terms of employment

A French employment contract must be done in writing and there are many points that have to be checked for compliance with all the specific requirements of the French regulations.
The nature of the business will define which collective agreement is to be applied.

Registration with the social security organisation

  • Before employment starts, a named declaration called “DPAE” (déclaration préalable à l’embauche: declaration before hiring) must be sent to the URSSAF (organisation which collects social security and family allowance payments).
  • Just like French companies, you will have to submit monthly or quarterly declarations to the social welfare agencies concerned. The company has to be registered with the following bodies:
  • private pension schemes;
  • provident fund;
  • health insurance
  • occupational health service (for the medical examination)
  • tax administration for withholding tax

CTN at your service

All these formalities are compulsory and CTN France can guide you through all these steps.
Take advantage of our experience and expertise to help you with your firsts steps in France!

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