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Supporting your ambitions and facilitating your processes is the mission of CTN France's multidisciplinary team.
The skills of our 10 partners and 100 employees complement each other to offer you a comprehensive service: advice, audit, law, taxation, pay, HR, reliability of information systems and processing of personal data, etc

CTN France is much more than an accounting firm. It offers a wide range of services to a diverse customer base.

The expertise of its teams – chartered accountants, lawyers, auditors, etc – meet the needs of the most demanding companies.

Located in the Lille metropolitan area, CTN France has been supporting the development of regional businesses for over 90 years and now works with foreign companies that are establishing themselves in France.

CTN France also relies on excellent partners: leading groups abroad, France Défi and Prime Global groups, Optimaretraite, etc.

This means that it can meet the highest standards while preserving its independence, which is one of the company’s core values.

Its multiple commitments to civil society stakeholders who are involved in promoting entrepreneurship, innovation, sustainable development… bear witness to its two other important core values: support and innovation.

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